The metal of Chromium OS

Hearing that Chromium OS was available was an exiting time, being able to grab and try a new OS. What a time in history.

I found the build from hexxeh, put it on my 4gb bootable usb drive and was impressed by the quick access to the boot screen.  When plugged in to the network it access my gmail account quickly and in the same way as the chrome browser. There were several extra apps available the included Hulu, hotmail and yahoo mail.

I was disappointed in the lack of wireless card support though. My mini 10v wireless card is not supported at this time, then another exciting moment. A Dell employee made a build that he hoped would work on the 10v. Well, something is different with my mini 10v compared to his. It failed to access the wireless network even after an hour of sitting.

In the end if you connect to a wired network you can test out the OS and see what it is made of.

My opinion, this is why they call it pre beta.  If Google gets a broad hardware base supported and if you are always in a environment with internet access then you may have a good netbook experience.  I see a great future for inexpensive devices to use at work or home for browser based access, or perhaps a phone OS to work in unison with Android. It will take much work and more offline and hardware support to get this working for the masses rather than just the geeks.

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