The way of iPad

It’s been several days now since the coming of the iPad. I am not going to give you a blow by blow description. That has been done by many and need not be redone.

Many have praised it’s lovely form, svelte figure and exceptional stamina. Others have cursed the limited vision, feeble mind and stocky build. The truth, I think, is somewhere is the middle.

While it is true that the cost was a bit high, it is missing what some would call needed access ports and can not even run flash. What it can do is run circles around other devices, the same big batteries add some weight to the beauty. It can show video well and on a large monitor with the VGA adapter. There are those wanting the aspect to be 16:9 for wide screen movies but it would make the device a look a bit like a plank. You can read your books, check your mail and tweet it all in turn while listening to some smooth jazz in the background.

What it can’t do is replace your laptop. It just wasn’t meant to. We heard all the same rhetoric when the netbooks came out.

It’s too small.

It can’t play WOW.

It won’t edit my file for the next viral video.

I think we need to do a bit better at determining what we want to do and then pick the gear that helps us do it. There will never be a device that is blinding fast, light as a feather and runs a week on one charge, for this year at least.

I still hold to my first advice. The iPad is a great device for easy access to the web, reading ebooks and entertaining yourself in general. It is not the device to write your next novel on, but will do a mean presentation for your next multimillion dollar proposal.

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