To Hulu or, that is the question, the new kid on the block of online video delivery is certainly trying to be big as reported by ars technica. Unfortunately CBS is bringing along the old style tv annoyance’s. Too many ads on the page and ads that block the view. If they  hope to make this work CBS need to understand that the users of online video want it easy to find, easy to start and minimal distractions from the show. has gotten the message. I have bookmarks to the shows I follow and the que for shows I want to follow but don’t go to the show URL all the time. Hulu also has a way to see all the shows with full video in a easy to understand page.

CBS did make sure the catalog of was full, just not full of video. Of the three shows I am interested in, Kolchak, the Night Stalker (revisiting the past), Lost and Smallville, none of these had any full length video. The one other show I was hoping to get older video of, NCIS, only had the current season and of those the one I started to watch, was missing several minutes from the beginning. I know this because I have a Netflix account and the current season of NCIS is available there.

In the end it will be you, the patron, that will decide which site will win out.

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