Ustream, Istream, we all stream??

I have had a chance to use the video streaming service from the bay area. We were at the CFA cat show in Pleasanton Ca and I thought, hey I can steam some of this so our friends that can’t come can still see it.

So I charged up the laptop and the phone and set about making it happen. I used my Toshiba laptop with vista home premium and a creative labs web cam. For internet access I have a Samsung Blackjack II and AT&T’s 3g network, in the bay at least. I made a test run for a few seconds to see if all was well.

Then came the moment of truth, I got every thing in order, started the feed and began recording. Thirty minutes later I had a clip showing the judging of the Abyssinian cats at the pleasanton show.

Then I thought, well, I’ll just delete some of the failed attempts and only have the one good show. AAAHHHAHAHAHHA Always download your video before you do that. I deleted the good stuff by accident.:(

I have a call in to ustream to see if they have a deleted file recovery policy and if I can get it back. Otherwise it was a success, the video was not jerky and as clear as it could be with a fifty dollar camera. The 3G network was plenty fast, I checked it with dslreports and measured 160 kbits.

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