WEEEEEEE! Does the Wii deliver in a gaming era?

I had the recent pleasure of joining some friends to play some games on the Nintendo Wii. My wife and I went on a bike ride with some friends last saturday and after the ride we went back to their father’s house to look at photos on his Wii. Yes thats right, look at photos on the Wii. Upon arriving at his house, he put the memory card from his camera into the Wii and in a few clicks we were watching a nice slideshow with fun music playing. Then we moved on to playing some games.

We took turns playing tennis, bowling and boxing. I have to say that the commercials do not do this console justice. I was surprised to find that you cannot just sit in the chair and flick the control to play. You have to really wing it… There is a reason they put a wrist strap on it. One look at our friend’s daughter while boxing made me realize this system is the next generation of gaming. We watched as she paused to catch her breath between rounds, and after a few rounds she was sweating and out of breath. That girl was giving it all she had, and as a new parent that is the kind of video game I want my daughter playing.

The next day I spent some time learning about the Wii, and nursing sore muscles(not from the bike ride, but from playing the Wii). To my surprise this is not just another video game. Waving the remote through the air you control a curser to select from games, photos, the web, weather, and tons of other channels you can download when you connect your  Wii to your home network via wireless or Lan.

The internet portion does require you to download the opera browser at a cost of 500 Wii Points available in local retail outlets and on the Wii shopping channel. Cost for Wii points is around $20.00 for 2000 points. But you have the internet in your living room without a bulky computer. I might add that as a Hulu user I believe you can watch movies in the opera browser too.

There is also no shortage of games, along with the social games you see commercials for like Animal Crossing’s City Folk, a fictional world you and your friends can socialize in playing over the internet, the hottest titles like Call of duty and Tomb raider games are being released written for the Wii to take advantage of the unique controls. You can also download and play your favorite games from the NES, SNES N64, Sega Genisis, Neo Geo and more. Not to mention on the side of the unit are 4 plugs for the Nintendo Game Cube controllers and it supports game cube games.

After my Wii experience, and research, my wife and I have decided we are going to buy a Wii. Getting together with friends and playing this console is much more social than the early days of “wanna come over and play mario bros.” and staring at a screen for hours. Not to mention you CAN actually get some excercise.

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