Whats all the HULU about

The new IPTV wonder is HULU.com. The website for NBC, USA, SCIfI and some FOX content. I received my invite, you have to ask for it,a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been looking at some shows and seeing what content is available. There seems to be a little of a lot of things and some are just promised but not ready yet. I have found that the video quality is ok to good. It can be expanded to full screen. I am using a 12in Toshiba laptop with Vista. The play back has some intermittent issues though. The first time I had a lot of buffering stops even though I was on the college T3. The player script does remember where you left off so if you start a show and have to leave you can comeback and start where you left off. Also you can embed a player in your web page. I have embedded the first episode of Firefly, a favorite of mine, as an example.

i think you should definitely go request your invite and after getting it watch the videos. The only way we will get more IPTV made available and funded by advertising is to use the available sites and provide feed back. HULU is still in beta and definitely needs work but has great potential. If they get the serving issues solved and get more content available then hulu.com will be a hit.

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