When is 911 is the most important number you know?

It is a strange feeling, when you dial 911 knowing it is for you. I recently had such an event. I was just sitting down to relax, and started to cough, nothing big, I was congested from my allergies and thought that it was clearing out. Then I coughed more and more. soon I was just coughing, barely able to catch my breath.

When the ambulance arrived I was terrified, what was going on, would I survive this, They kept me calm and ask questions to sort out what was the problem. Then it was into the ambulance, I couldn’t lie down, could breath right. They got going and still scared, fighting to stay calm and breath.

On the way the EMT sprayed nitroglycerin into my mouth, my breathing eased just a bit. He did that several more times and I was at least able to catch my breath, some.

Once in the ER room it was a horde of people, taking off this, poking in that, asking all the same questions again and me not knowing what was happening to me.

In the end I found out that I had congestive heart failure, too much fluid that keeps the heart from moving your blood. The coughing was the excess fluids trying to get out.

As you can tell I survived, and had no heart attack event, yeah. I am going to try and share my new dietary and other needs here and a helping, cautionary story for the rest of you techs. Take you blood pressure meds and watch the salt so you don’t have this happen to you.

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