Windows 7 saved my PC

The release of Windows 7 rc couldn’t have come at a better time. The night before I found my laptop unable to boot and I was faced with a rebuild of the system. I decided to rebuild it with Windows 7.

The download went well, but then I started it at 7am. Once down and the second DVD made, the first was a defective burn, I was off and running. I had no trouble getting the install done and then collecting updates. I was able to get the vista software for my Toshiba and have the media buttons, special setup software, the fingerprint scanner and motion sensor setup with only a little trouble. The trouble being with the finger print scanner, I had to get the driver from UPEK.
I then added my 3 year old creative webcam, chrome, Firefox, itunes, live mesh, skype, and Gladinet. Gladinet is an app that will let you make your Google docs and windows skydrive, among other services,  into local drives.

So far I can not be happier with the install. There was way less trouble than when my laptop was new with Vista home premium. It boots up faster. I have not had any of the flaky network issues that Vista had with my Intel wireless card.  With all the helpers loaded and just sitting still, the memory usage is only 620 mb. Vista was always over 1 gb.

Stay tuned for updates while I use it for work.

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