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Today lets talk about word processing and what you need to do it.

Word processing is about you creating a document that you need. That might be a short paper, poem, or even a novel. Now I am not going to tell you how or what to write, just some tips to make it easier to get done.

There a many tools for doing this. Some come with your computer, some as free downloads and others must be purchased.

Because our focus is on students I will talk mostly about the free solutions.

A full suite of tools is available at openoffice.org. They provide a download for your system and instructions on installing and using the software. You can also use LibreOffice, an alternate version or fork of openoffice.

You can also use some online versions such as Google Drive or Microsoft skydrive. They have advantages over the installed programs. First they are available to virtually any system via your web browser. The data is stored in the cloud, where you can get to it from any computer with your login and password.

When you start writing that novel make sure that you start with “save as” right away and continue saving every 5 minutes or so. Nothing is worse than writing for two hours and having the power go out.

While your writing, keep it simple. Don’t format the document until you’re done writing it. This will save you time by not correcting the layout with every big change.

Now for the saving of the final document. When you first saved the doc you will have chosen to use the default file type for you program. Now you must save it out to a format that is able to be read by many programs. I recommend the RTF, rich text format. This format is readable by all word processor programs and carries along the basic formatting you just put into the document.

Some online instructors are asking for the documents to be sent as PDF, portable document format. This is a good “no edit” format. The problem is at the end when the instructor wants all your papers in one pdf document. To do this be sure to keep all the original documents, in the native format. Yes, that means you will have multiple copies of each one.

To get them all into one document you will either import each document one at a time or open the new “all” document and then copy and paste from the others one at a time, saving the final “all” document to a pdf for emailing.


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