You got tablet in my PC!. No, you got PC in my tablet!

With all the talk of tablets and PC’s I am reminded of my first computer. It was the first programming class my high school had. In fact it was the first computer the school had. It used punch cards to input the program and a keypad to enter variables. The display was a printout on paper. A Monroe calculator, a state of the art machine, in the 1970’s.

My next computer was a Casio programmable scientific calculator with a tiny blue neon display.

I point these out because the name PC, personal computer, is supposed to be a computer that a single person has rather than the monsters that a company may have. Such as the AN/UYK-7, the core computer I learned to maintain in the USN.

As time went on the personal computer became a home built machine, the S-100 bus machine. Bringing the power of computing to the hobbyist first and then to small business.

Apple made it even easier with the Apple line of personal computers.

The the IBM compatible happened and all hell broke lose. The computer market was sent spinning as computers became available to everyone at an ever shrinking price. Then the computer world stabilized and found a new path.

Now though, there has begun to be a class system setup for our computers that threatens to divide us again. PC became the generic term for all x86 instruction set computers and MAC was, well just MAC. The MAC had multiple core processors with a particular vertical market following.
Some users are feeling like a PC is not a MAC is not a TABLET. The reality is that these are all computers of varying strengths and weakness. We have many types of Personal computers and the form factors are desktop, laptop, tablet with various processors. These “PC’s” have tasks they are good at and tasks they are not good at. We choose the PC we wish to use based on the task we need to accomplish.

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