You have the power!

The first line of defense is behavioiur modification, don’t do those things that will cause you computer to be compromised. As with all lines of defense, you need to have a plan B.

These are the programs I recomend to protect your computer in case plan A fails.

  • Spybot search and destroy– I use the inoculation feature, the host file to redirect bad sites to dead addresses.
  • Spyware Blaster – I use it to block out known bad scripts and bad active-x scripts.
  • Windows defender– to monitor registration changes and block them. Also watches for malware and can remove it.
  • AVG free – antiviral program that is free and doesn’t have a lot of overhead.
  • Firefox – I like the UI of Firefox and several add ons, in particular I use noscript. Noscript will block the script on a page from running until you have authorized it.

The use of thees programs will not guarantee safety, nothing will. What they will do is work with you to protect your computer.

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