You too can make millions!

I have just found this rising star Jonathan Coulton . He is a former software engineer that decided he would branch out into music to get away from a boring job and bad managers. He is also one of the insightful few that have embraced the web as part of the new way to find and keep a customer base, yes fans of an artist are their customer base. He began by giving away his music with the hopes that it would catch on and it worked. He has stopped working for “The Man” and now works for himself. Please check out his site and grab some music. There are some free downloads  and the rest you have to pay for. In the end be sure to pay for it all as he can’t keep writing unless he gets paid. I have included a link to a video of him singing Code Monkey, one of his best songs.

I think this is an inspiration to all who have some thing they do and would like to make that their job.

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