Zune part III, The rebirth

It began as any other update, a button click and an answer, “Update Now”.
11:20 – the preparation begins
11:22 – More preparation?
11:23 – The install begins, you must disconnect your Zune player to install the software.
11:25 – Windows must restart.
11:33 – Zune software back up. Connected my 4gb player, installing new driver
11:36 – Ready to install player update now. Making it so.
11:40 – Distracted
11:59 – Returned to find message saying player is updated.

The interface has a new feature, games. You get two games, Hexic , and Texas Hold’em. I tried Hexic and this is going to be a huge time waster, and a bit fun too. haven’t tried Texas Hold’em yet but I expect to lose big.
The Radio section has the ability to buy songs you hear on the radio.
The marketplace menu selection has the ability to connect to your wireless network and talk to the Zune store, showing top music and the like and even letting you play 30 sec previews. This is going to be a big deal! The Zune may just be starting to give the iPod a run for its money.

All told the upgrade went smooth and is worth the time, so go for it.

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